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Did you know Kent Hovind claims to have an IQ of 160? I remember him saying it on one of his seminar videos and being very impressed. I wanted to find it again as it seems most people are not aware or don’t remember that he has claimed this for himself. Is this something he is willing to confirm for us?

“it is written and I believe that’s exactly¬†the way that it happened. And I don’t believe you have to be stupid to believe that, I have an IQ of about 160, I taught science for about fifteen years, I used to debate on this topic all the time. There simply is no evidence for evolution. I think it is simple to see that dogs produce a variety of dogs and to assume that this proves that micro proves macro which is what he said, I disagree one hundred percent. It takes a giant leap of faith in logic to go from micro to macro. Nobody’s ever seen a dog produce a non-dog.” (italics mine)


Some Christians manage to live with the dichotomy of myth and science. Accepting Genesis 1 within its cultural limits. Others, like me, struggle to find the relevance of a book that Christians admit is full of error, written by men, does not contain accurate history and is open to diverse modes of interpretation, each of which are mutually exclusive and contradict the other.

Only dogma maintains a strong faith. The actual evidence undermines it or changes it to the point it is no longer recognizable. This very transformation calls into question the legitimacy of the dogmas of inspiration and revelation.

If our faith is evolving and if it depends on the knowledge man himself can figure out, then of what value is it to say that God has revealed his will by divine inspiration? We can’t seem to even agree on what it means…