Just watched this. Here are my notes on it.

A university brought to you by Banana Man. Should be very educational…

Not that any “true believer” will care, because morality only matters when it’s someone they don’t like, but I just found out yesterday that Ray had plagiarised a portion of his biography of Charles Darwin for his 150th anniversary edition of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species.

Ray gave Penn Gillette scientific evidence for God… Wow. The greatest philosophers and scientists in the world can’t do that (Christian or otherwise) but Ray Comfort can.

Seriously Ray, a snake does not have a brain like humans do. A snake’s brain does not have the ability for speech. Speech is a highly developed part of the human brain.

Ray, you had a “salvation” experience. That doesn’t prove the Bible true. All it proves, at most, is that “spiritual” experiences like that, which are really just psychological experiences, have been occurring for thousands of years. People from all kinds of religions have life altering experiences. And to believe that you got your beliefs from the Holy Spirit and not from your 20th century Pentecostal Evangelical circle is to be no better than my four year old daughter who learned a big word recently, and when asked how she learned it said “I just got it from my brain”. It’s obvious she picked up the big word from her parents but she isnt aware enough to realise that.

You say God put stupid stories in the Bible to confound the wise. Except for one thing, until about 200 years ago humanity had no problem believing those stories. Humanity believed all kinds of stupid things, from the Bible and otherwise. You have a great knack for speaking after the fact Ray. You are not interested in truth, you are interested only in your dogma.

So because humanity has been slowly increasing in knowledge and realises it gets a lot wrong along the way we should just throw out the endeavour and trust in your 20th century version of Christianity because that is unchanging and eternal? Yeah right. Go back to the second century and show me any Christian who believes the Gospel as you believe. Just one. I’ll wait.

We all die. Therefore believe this message. An appeal to emotion Ray.

“Nothing created everything.” How about saying we don’t know how the universe began. Scientists are taking their best educated guess. You make that a sin by suggesting that they should already have all the answers or if they don’t then they should all be literal 6 Day Creationists, “Bible believing Christians”, which is a false dichotomy.

You then make an analogy to actual builders. But that’s wrong. David Hume said it best when he stated that we know how buildings are made, we don’t know how universes are made. Scientists are learning all the time though. If we followed your advice we’d still be stuck in the Middle Ages.

Wow, George Carlin told God to strike him dead and he dies at 71. I can’t take it! God is real! I repent!

Ray, not all atheists believe nothing exploded. There are many theories. I personally don’t rule out the idea of a creator mind of some kind. What I do rule out based on my own research is that if their was a creator that it was the god of the Bible. I find that absurd.