Excerpts from “An Agnostic Christian Socialist’s Confession of Faith“. I like the title. I have actually said I am an agnostic Christian. I’m also a Socialist.
Proposition 14
The safest way to prepare for eternity, whatever it may have in store for us, is to live good, honest, charitable, industrious, virtuous lives, and to give up depending on prayers, singing hymns, and reading the scandalous records of bad old Hebrews who lived nearly 3000 years ago, and who would have treated us as they treated others who had the misfortune to be their neighbours and who neglected to take sufficient precautions against such cruel, selfish neighbours.
[Said 100 years ago. Very true. We know the Hebrews would have because certain Muslims today still carry that mentality. But a Christian is obliged to explain away the behaviour of ancient Israelites as divinely sanctioned by the One True God and therefore good by default, because the True God commanded it.]
Proposition 24
That when a multitude of conflicting testimonies and accounts are given of the same subject, it is possible for all of them to be wrong, but it is impossible for all of them to be right.
Proposition 25
That ninety-nine different sects based on the Bible will all agree that the hundredth is wrong, and by applying this process to them all separately, the result will be a vote of 99 to 1 that they are all wrong.
[Well said, well said. I’ve been having very similar thoughts for a while now. Of course we are being told today that there is actually very little disagreement among Christians. What it amounts to though is a bunch of theologians from various groups (not all of them though. A sizable chunk of conservative Christians from different churches are bitterly opposed to any type of Satanic ecumenism) agreeing to reinterpret age old divisive doctrines in ways that will make them more palatable to everyone else. This isn’t science. With theology you can just make it up as you go, and then put the stamp of divine authority on it.]
Source: Murray, Norman, (1900?). An Agnostic Christian Socialist’s Confession of Faith in 39 Propositions . (p. 11, 18). 21 Beaver Hall, Montreal, Canada. New edition (2016) available from Hard Head Publications in eBook and Paperback formats.