Most Evangelicals I know, and most ministries I listened to, do not believe Roman Catholics are saved and on their way to heaven. That represents are large amount of the Christian community. They would also reject any notion of reunion as pure apostasy and one move closer to the religion of Antichrist. This is not fringe Evangelicalism. This is quite mainstream.

There is no unity among Christians. At least not on the level that is claimed in some quarters. They can’t even decide among themselves who is actually saved and who isn’t. Who has had the “born again” experience and who hasn’t. Who is “orthodox” and who isn’t. Lots of lip flapping, I’ve listened to them all give their case. But it all eventually comes down to subjective feelings and subjective interpretation of the Bible. No final authority to tell us what the final authority actually means!

Here’s a quote from R. A. Torrey’s “How to work for Christ”


I. Roman Catholics

1. Very few Roman Catholics have assurance of salvation, indeed very few understand that it is our privilege to know that we have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. A good way then to deal with a Roman Catholic is to ask him if he knows that his sins are forgiven. Very likely he will say that he does not, and that no one else knows it either. Then you can show him that it is the believer’s privilege to know that he has forgiveness of sins. For this purpose use Acts 13:39, “By Him all that believe are justified, etc.” and Eph. 1:7:

“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.” Eph. 1:7.”

Torrey, R. A. (1901). How to work for Christ a compendium of effective methods. (p. 144). Chicago; New York: James Nisbet & Company.