I’ve done full circle. The faith I was first taught and saw exemplified I have returned to. After 12 years of searching, reading and travelling here and there in search of “true” Christianity, in search of assurance of salvation through correct Biblical living (orthodopraxy) and correct Biblical thinking (orthodoxy), I realize I had everything I ever needed in the person of Jesus Christ in mystical union with Him. All of my “radical faith” and literal obedience did not get me one step closer to Jesus. It was sin that led me away from Him. And not even sin so to speak, but my unwillingness to correct the wrongs. To obey the voice of the Spirit when He told me to confess to those I had wronged.

Sin binds, confuses, leads astray, brings depression and does not deliver on its promises. It hinders the voice of God from speaking. It creates fear rather than confidence in God.

The only thing we need to preach to the lost is Christ. Not Creationism, not pro-life, not morality. Those things may or may not be helpful in your witness but they are primarily for the converted. Simply preach Christ, and try not to get sidetracked.

And when we do see people brought to Christ, let’s not focus primarily on teaching them our views which end up becoming “infallible” doctrines of men, but rather teach them to listen for, recognize and obey the voice of the Spirit.

Christianity is primarily about a relationship with God rather than correct ideas about Him (theology). Everything else flows out of that. What it does is make less dogmatic Christians who are more loving, understanding, considerate and humble, since they do not claim to have all the answers but simply to know the One who knows all things.”